Our integration with Slack helps your team stay up-to-date on new comments and replies happening within Contrast.

How to set up the Slack integration

  • Go to the Settings tab in your Contrast Team(s).
  • Click the Slack tab under the Integrations header.
  • Click the Integrate Slack button.
  • Choose the Slack channel you'd like Contrast to post too and press Allow.

Change Slack notifications

Once you've integrated Contrast with Slack, you can change what triggers a Slack message to be sent from Contrast.

  • Go to the Slack tab in your Team's Settings.
  • Under Notifications, check or un-check New Comments or Replies to choose which notifications will be sent from Contrast.

Turn Slack on and off

You can toggle Slack on and off for each project in your Team.

  • Open any project in Contrast.
  • In the right-hand sidebar, you'll see Slack with a toggle next to it.
    • If you turn the toggle on, Slack notifications will be sent in that project.
    • If you turn the toggle off, Slack notifications will not be sent in that project.

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