Mirror Figma

How to install the Figma plugin

  • Go to the Contrast Plugin in Figma's app store
  • Click the Install button in the top right corner

How to use the Contrast plugin in Figma

  • Open any file in Figma
  • Rick-click on the canvas → go to Plugins → click Contrast
  • Sign into Contrast and choose whether you'd like to sync the entire file, specific pages, or selected frames
  • Select an existing Contrast project or create a new one
  • Copy and paste the file's URL (you only need to do this one time per file)
  • image
  • Click Sync

How to resync files in Contrast

If you make any changes to your file, pages, or frames in Figma—you can resync them directly in Contrast.

  • Open any project in Contrast
  • Hover over the Project Name ▼ dropdown in the header to view the last time the project was synced
  • Click Project Name ▼ dropdown and select Resync Project
  • Your file will start to resync and will display any changes that were made in Figma in Contrast

Still have a question? Email us at support@contrast.app to let us know!