What is Linear?

Linear is an amazing project management tool, which you can learn more about here. We personally use Linear here at Contrast and would 10/10 recommend to anyone building software.

What does the Linear integration do?

Once you connect, you can start linking pages and frames in Contrast to Linear issues. When you link a frame to an issue:

  • The Linear issue will automatically populate with an image of the frame, helpful metadata, and a direct link back to that frame in Contrast.
  • View all linked issues and their statuses directly inside Contrast.

How to set up the Linear integration

  • Open Linear → go to SettingsAPIPersonal API Keys
  • Add a Label (i.e. Contrast), click Create Key, and copy the key
  • Open Contrast → go to SettingsLinear → and paste the Key

How to link Linear issues

  • Open any project in Contrast and under the Integrations sections, turn Linear on
  • Select any page or frame
  • In the sidebar, click the + Link Page/Frame to copy the URL

  • Open Linear
  • Create a new issue C
  • Paste the URL into the issue and press Save
  • It may take a few seconds to load but an image of the frame, metadata, and a link back to Contrast will appear.

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